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JWT is the brand that invented strategic planning, and we’re driven to generate ideas that deliver effectiveness. In our view, effectively engaging people has never been harder because they’re message fatigued and desensitised. At JWT our purpose is simple: be the Antidote to Indifference by creating experiences that make the indifferent feel, think and act differently. It influences everything we do including the way we work. At JWT Sydney our offices have no fixed desks, lots of break out rooms and plenty of areas for teams to collaborate; including a stunning roof top terrace!



通过建立品牌,帮助客户实现业务增长。 如有需要,寻求全球化的解决方案。又或是,就像人类的某一种情感一样,寻求至简专一的方案。 我们胸有成竹,稳步建设前沿品牌。 我们的存在就是要为企业在市场中导航,促进企业的长期发展。


在品牌和消费者之间搭建紧密联系。我们与社交平台紧密合作,客户在开发交互计划时能够享受到巨大的优势。 基于上述知识,我们从社交数据的角度开发社交策略,进行广告宣传,制作传播性强的内容,管理群体,估量成功的几率。




公司内部分析部门负责数据和技术的创新应用,以发掘和催生全新的营销解决方案。 为您提供量身定制的分析工具套件。


人们因文化而聚,而非企业。 如果公司上下理解、共享同一种文化,并身体力行,自然会吸引最顶尖的人才,而公司员工也自然会以主人翁的精神寻求创新,努力实现企业目标。 我们帮您塑造文化。


无论是改变现有的数字化策略,还是制定全新的未来计划,我们都致力于打造数字化品牌。 我们兼具创新、创造和分析能力,为客户解决问题,给客户的业务带来可量化的影响。


我们将顾客与品牌紧密联系,采用优于一般互动的方式。 我们充分利用 VR(虚拟现实)、人工智能和交互式现场直播或 IOT(物联网)创新技术,打造浸入式体验。 我们的目标是,以一种激发行动、唤醒行动的方式将品牌与人们联系起来。


公司内部研究部门 SONAR 负责开发和利用新的定量定性研究技术,以了解全球文化、品牌和消费者动机。


公司自运营至今,已在众多行业积累了大量的市场营销经验,为客户提供独一无二的优势资源。 我们对众多领域均有所了解,包括政府、医疗、运动和零售等。


寻找最佳渠道,有效沟通受众,最大限度地利用这些渠道是有效宣传不可或缺的一部分。 通过仔细规划和买入,扩大品牌信息传递的维度。



Mirum is a borderless agency of over 2,400 digital storytellers, technologists, makers and relentlessly curious minds. Across the globe, we are united by a love of making what’s next. Together, we blur the lines between strategy, creativity and technology to discover business and human motivations, and to create solutions that empower both. Ultimately, our approach puts clients and people at the center of everything we do. Because we believe that digital not only has the power to impact brands, but also create amazing human experiences. Mirum’s Sydney office offers end-to-end digital services, covering strategy, user experience, design, development and optimisation. With principles rooted in innovation, design, data, marketing and technology, we love what can happen when you mix strategy, creativity and technology to drive business transformation in a world of constantly evolving behaviors and expectations. We consider ourselves to be tech agnostic, and are fluent in most major, as well as many obscure, development frameworks including Sitecore, Wordpress, Magento, Drupal, Kentico and Xamarin. Globally, we have alliances with many of the technology and platform powerhouses, including Sitecore, Salesforce, Atlassian, Adobe, Google and InVision, and employ a diverse, multi-skilled team, fluent in all types of digital thinking and doing.


Colloquial is JWT’s specialist content marketing, digital and social media division. We turn brands into publishers, providing strategic, content-driven solutions that engage audiences, build brand awareness and drive conversion for our clients. We work closely with brands to identify how they can communicate more effectively with their audience, delivering end-to-end strategic content solutions that add tangible value. We work with our clients on everything from developing content and channel distribution plans, to production of a full range of content including articles, videos, and made-for-social pieces, to building content hubs and websites that form the centre of an integrated communication ecosystem, connecting clients with consumers and giving a distinct voice to their brand.

Grey Health Group

At greyhealth we’re driven to generate effective ideas that deliver positive and meaningful change. We are experts in health communications to both healthcare professionals and consumers. Working closely with our clients we develop strategies and ideas to create healthier brands through brand awareness, detail aids, digital and content, pharmacy engagement, TVCs, medical education, experiential and everything in between.


Paul Everson
Managing Director

Simon Langley
ECD Sydney & ANZ Creative Lead

Angela Morris
Executive Planning Director

Claire van Heyningen
General Manager, Mirum

James Hudson
Finance Director

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