Whole You Mitsui Chemicals Inc.


Whole You is a new healthcare solutions brand which was launched in California in 2014. The brand’s first consumer campaign including activation and film content as well as print and radio executions, illustrates how Whole You helps people enjoy life to the fullest by unlocking their potential.

The campaign was developed to clearly declare what the brand stands for, through the idea of “Live Whole” where people are encouraged to live life to the fullest by overcoming one’s limitations. The documentary movie “Whole Day” features Bruce Hall, who has been legally blind since birth, and portrays how he “Live Whole” at “CicLAvia”, a car-free, cycling event hosted in Los Angeles. Hall captured the celebration of movement and senses through his lens as he rode through the crowd on a tandem bicycle. He epitomizes what it means to overcome challenges and live life to its fullest.
Print executions, which run in Time and People magazine, illustrated how Whole You products help consumers “Live Whole” by introducing the personal stories of those with sensory and physical mobility challenges.

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