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In recent years, a phenomenon called viral challenges took social media by storm. Highly dangerous challenges, such as MoMo and Blue Whale, encourage youngsters to imitate them, exposing them to health risks and dangers that parents are still mostly unaware of. To launch Tuby, an app that protects children from inappropriate online content by only featuring child-friendly videos, we created a film that hits the problem at its heart to raise parents’ awareness. It’s an eye opener that lets parents live through the horrifying experience of watching kids carry out a few of the most popular and most dangerous viral challenges. It then ends with an alarming message that makes parents take a long, hard look in the mirror. The film was part of a campaign that resulted in 827k downloads of the Tuby app.


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2019 Dubai Lynx

Film Craft / Grand Prix

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2019 Loeries

Film / Silver

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2019 MENA Effies

Youth Marketing - Children / Gold

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