This Close Mondelez Clorets


Who said that love at first sight doesn’t exist? Our film presents a couple who emotionally click from first sight. A love story that starts from a casual outing, liking the same TV show, laughing, dancing, and eating ice cream together. As the bond gets stronger, the guy puts all his courage to ask her out, and this is when his dreams get shattered.  They go to the movies, hold hands, and just when he is “this close” to getting what he wished for, the girl subtly passes the opportunity, leaving him hanging, and creating a moment of extreme awkwardness!

They guy didn’t know what he did wrong until he remembers eating a hotdog sandwich on his way out.  This is where we see an illustration for ‘this close’ hand gesture showcasing the distance between their heads, the distance of how “You were this” Clorets close using the single pack.


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2018 Dubai Lynx

Film / Gold

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