The Older, The Wiser Triple S Advantage


Many believe that getting older makes us less productive or less useful. Triple-S Advantage, the leading healthcare provider in Puerto Rico for people over 65, feels differently. For Triple-S, old age is defined by accomplishment, experience and wisdom. 

To shift the perception of what it means to age, we helped Triple-S rebroadcast Puerto Rico’s highest-rated sports TV transmission: a 1979 basketball game in which their youngest national team ever assembled faced the United States for the Gold medal, and lost.

Creative Idea

We replaced the game’s original commentary with one-on-one interviews with the team’s coaches and captains – now more than 65 years old – who reflected on what they would have done differently if they knew what they know now, effectively bringing Triple-S’s message full circle: Getting older has its positives, especially when you get to enjoy the value of having experience on your side.

The Results

The effort received great TV ratings and created a new format of former players commenting on rebroadcasts of their old games to talk about how experience could have changed their outcomes. One of the coaches of the 1979 was rehired by the current national team as a special advisor. Triple-S received over 10,000 new enrollments and was the company with the highest growth in its segment last year.


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2017 Cúspide

Effectiveness / 2 Bronze

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2017 Cúspide

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