The Brother Who Never Grows Up E-Life Home Appliance Mall


E-Life Home Appliance Mall wants to be a brand that explores family relationships, and encourages the people to embrace and to cherish the family relationship. Because when people feel the gratitude for their families, they will more likely to purchase some home appliances for their family as an appreciation and love for their family.

E-Life Home Appliance Mall found out that over 60% of Taiwanese families are dual-income families. As a result of busy working parents, the siblings must live closely with one another, occasional frictions are quite likely. No one is born to be a good brother or sister. When many brothers and sisters grow up and experience more life, they learn to start appreciating their family relationships and start to be best families with each other.

E-Life Home Appliance Mall created a branded entertainment film to respond to the social issue. The brand cleverly packaged its "values" as "products" and sell to the audience. 

There is about 23 million people living in Taiwan. The film quickly received 5.9 million views within the first 2 weeks. It caused a strong audience response and countless news reports. The film also spread rapidly in Taiwan, China and Hong Kong and has become the best popular film of China Weibo.

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