Shorouq Career Comeback Bank Al Etihad

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Bank al Etihad has launched a Career Comeback Program that is designed to develop female professionals seeking to re-enter the workforce after having been on a voluntary career break. BAE launched this program in 2017 aiming to collect 19 applications from females eligible for the internship opportunity at the bank that may help them secure a job at BAE or at one of their network partners’ offices across different fields.

The communication for the campaign in 2018 was a simple text ad that was titled “صعب بس بتقدري” which translates to “It’s hard, but you can do it”. The tagline addresses the main issue of why women hesitate to go back to work with different versions of the most popular reasons.

Later, we spoke to the women, empowered them, and helped them turn down their fear and self-doubt. This was caught online by several women who identified with it and applied the tips.

As a result, Shorouq Career Comeback program received over 1,000 applications as well as trained and developed 20 unique women with different skills this year; all who now believe it’s not easy but can certainly be conquered.

Applicants believed that the campaign “spoke to them” - a proud testimonial that proves that the efforts and insights were channeled in all the right places.

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