Pure Love WaterWipes


WaterWipes are unique in that they are chemical free and the only wet wipe recommended by midwives from birth so new mother's can use them with confidence on their newborn's delicate skin. Aiming to own a higher purpose for the brand (beyond wiping tiny behinds) we identified that this newborn stage is also a confusing time in a mother’s life. There is lots of contradictory advice and pressure to do things the ‘right’ way. There was an opportunity for the brand to give new Mum's added confidence beyond nappy changes.

We took a closer look at skin-to-skin bonding to give new mothers more reassurance about their decisions. We asked world expert on skin-to-skin, Dr Suzy Ludington, to conduct a series of tests with three new mums and their newborns, analysing the science behind this unique connection. We filmed the tests with both film and heat cameras.

The result is a captivating look at the mysterious and magical connection between mother and child.

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