Give us the time of a song Tencent


In 2016, WeChat launched the “Charge for Love” project, which received a very positive response. 

So in 2017, WeChat designed a new energy growth system for their top-up service, whereby consumers could donate the energy generated from charging their mobiles and use it to interact with their friends.
Faced with the increasingly homogenized mobile top-up market, Tencent built “Social Good” as its UBO. That way, Tencent could not only differentiate itself from other products, but also help the “left-behind children”  communicate with their parents. And instead of just telling their moving story, a group of “left-behind children” sang about their feelings of missing their parents.
The song “The Lubin Flower” is well-known among Chinese citizens, and almost anyone can sing it. The lyrics also tell how a child misses its mother. The children’s innocent emotions deeply touched people’s hearts. The film was launched on WeChat moments and other social media (Weibo and other video platforms),  where celebrities’ power was leveraged to raise even more awareness.
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