Black Box Faculdade Zumbi dos Palmares

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Zumbi dos Palmares presents: Black Box, a book that students never had before

Written by Zumbi dos Palmares college, the only internationally known college in Brazil targeted to black people, Black Box proves that black history was not about slavery only. In a country as racist as this, Zumbi is daring to tell untold stories that should be on didatics books, but are not.

Africans had deep knowledge of astronomy, medicine, maths, and other subjects long before the western world. Pharaohs were black. Cleopatra was black… The Black Box has been opened. And besides all of its content, there’s also visual elements to enrich each theme. First of all, we used the map of Quilombo dos Palmares, this huge symbol of resistance to black people in Brazil, to form all images in the book through generative design. We created a code that transforms the map into tiny particles that were put together to insert the DNA of this history in each and every image. Plus, there are black stripes that will reveal important information that people didn’t know, obtained after more than 15 thousand hours of research along with historians, teachers, and journalists.

In a time of instantaneous and temporary solutions, Zumbi dos Palmares is choosing to take a good look at the past and dig buried stories, so that we can build a better future.


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2019 Cannes Lions

Industry Craft / Gold

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