Apollo Alpha - The Beast Apollo Tyres Ltd.


Apollo Tyres takes the riding thrill to the next level by adding another differentiated offering to its portfolio with the launch of Alpha, India’s first steel radial motorcycle tyre. The adrenalin rush of speed, the exhilaration of a skilful cornering – any true blue biker will tell you that it’s a rare thrill. He’ll also tell you that a powerful bike isn’t enough, if the tyre can't keep up. But the cutting edge technology from Apollo Alpha can take the riding thrill to another level. To connect with this biker though, the content needed to weave a world that he finds fascinating; to visualize the possibilities, to be thrills on a screen. If your bike's a beast, what would it ride on? This simple insight helped us craft our latest blockbuster for Apollo Tyres. Our 'Beast' is a machine-animal hybrid imagined straight out of the pages of a hellish graphic novel (or an edge-of-the-seat Hollywood production) and it's been unleashed to ride fast and hard on Apollo Alpha Radials without losing its grip ever. Perfect to rev up your beast and add more thrill to your ride!

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