You’re Feeling “So Sri Lanka” Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau


‘So Sri Lanka’ was born of thousands of hours of exploration, millions of moments of discovery and a single second of realization - the magic of this island isn’t hidden in its mountains or nestled in its coast - it permeates the land through its people and their values, and their innate ability to dismiss strangers by making them friends.

Historically known for its warmth and generosity, which is uniquely experienced in culture, cuisine and in its everyday adventures, Sri Lanka refuses to be limited to an adjective. It is an exultation, a reaction to being confronted by something unlike anything else.

Positioned as being diverse, authentic and compact - the island’s geography is a reflection of the vibrance and dynamism of its inhabitants - an action-packed utopia of misty, chilly tea country, a mere 4 hours away from simmering summery beaches; leopards, peacocks and elephants jewelling tens of national parks, and dolphins and whales that grace its shores all year; 3 cultures, 3 languages, a stronghold of ancient mysticism, religion and colonial influences.

This clash of a hundred worlds - this singular triumph of nature and nurture - is interpretive. Therefore, we interpreted the hundreds of words that could rightfully describe earth’s favorite island - with the auspicious beginning of anything that leaves you speechless - ‘So’.

‘So Sri Lanka’ lends itself effortlessly to being an amplifier brand - one that can become anything and everything on social media - to empower generations from millennials and beyond who will comprise 50% and more of the travel market from 2020. It is a brand people can live and own - much like the impression Sri Lanka leaves on its newfound family.

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