To Russia with Love Melbourne Queer Film Festival



After 26 years in a cultural city with plenty of festivals, the Melbourne Queer Film Festival was experiencing audience fatigue. With a fraction of the marketing budget, we needed to remind Melbourne audiences just how important MQFF is in the global fight for equality.


We created a billboard campaign in Melbourne – completely written in Russian and proudly flying the rainbow flag – advertising that the opening night of the festival would be live streamed to Russia. We then encouraged the world to share the billboard to Russia’s queer community via social media as a symbol of defiance against Russia’s ‘gay propaganda’ law. 


The campaign was shared all the way to Russia, reaching over 2 million people and achieving 3.3 million social impressions. MQFF saw its best box office results in five years,and the festival attracted a much younger and more diverse audience, hitting a core KPI for the campaign. 

“JWT’s support of the Festival as Principal Industry Partner this year absolutely ensured the success of the Festival. To Russia With Love made us more relevant than since the festival first began.” 

Dillan Golightly, Festival Director

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