Team Of Us - Everyone In Vodafone


Japan ad - August 2019

For the second phase of our 2019 Vodafone Team Of Us sponsorship, our latest ‘Everyone In’ campaign sets its sights on Japan. Launching ahead of the Irish rugby team’s departure, the campaign brings to life the anticipation and build in momentum as September’s tournament draws closer, with people from all over Ireland and the world coming together in support of the Irish team.

Japan is a feast for the senses, so it was crucial that we captured this as accurately as possible in order to dial-up the excitement and whet everyone’s appetite during the weeks leading up to Ireland’s first game. Impacting culture is at the heart of everything we do, and with a sporting occasion like this - one that only comes along every four years - this is the perfect opportunity to do just that.

Launch ad - January 2019

For Vodafone’s latest phase of the Team Of Us sponsorship and coming off the back of Irish rugby’s most successful year on the pitch, we wanted to reflect the mood of the nation off the pitch. The campaign takes a journey across Ireland and beyond, taking in its people and culture showing the unique relationship between rugby and the country.

Culturally in the past there has been a misconception that rugby is only for the few who live in key rugby strongholds in the four provinces. We wanted to blow that misconception out of the water and show that no matter who you are, there’s room for you in the Team Of Us. This central idea reflects Vodafone’s purpose to connect everybody to live a better today by connecting Irish people to the Irish rugby team in fun and unexpected ways.

‘Everyone In’ launches with a celebratory online film and TV ads, all acting as an open invitation to all Irish people to join in and stand with the Irish rugby team. In it we see people and players from the 4 corners of Ireland and across the globe, with cameo roles being delivered from diverse sources such as Joe Schmidt and cultural icon Bosco.

The campaign launches ahead of Ireland’s defence of their Guinness Six Nations crown and will evolve through to the Rugby World Cup in Japan and extends heavily beyond film and TV, with multiple touchpoints including social, digital, outdoor and activation.

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