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In January 2017 Opel Netherlands introduces a new trim level of several models: The Online Edition. They feature an extensive range of product features like 4G wifi, Apple carplay and Onstar, for Opel drivers who always want to be connected.

Our challenge: how to create awareness for the Online Edition, in a market where every car brand promotes their new editions? In order to reach the digital savvy Dutch people with a driver’s licence we focused on influencers and YouTube views to gain a big audience. Everybody knows that when it comes to the web, it’s all about views. Views are quite literally worth money.

So, for the introduction of the Online editors, we turned YouTube views inro a currency. By asking people in the Netherlands to film their Opel test drive, upload it onto YouTube, and then use those views to buy a brand new Opel Online Edition model.
The KARL ROCKS Online Edition costs 589.000 views, the Corsa Online Edition, 739.600 views and the Astra Online Edition 922.800 views.

Results: The campaign earned media worth €841.884,32 and attracted 34.4 millon impressions (source: Carat). More than 97.000 people visited the campaign website with a 72% increase in visitors to Opel’s website compared with the same period in 2016. In the wake of the campaign, orders of the Online Edition Opel increased by 29%.
And… Dutchman Yuri schuurkes was the first person in the world to ever buy a car with YouTube views (an astonishing 21 million organic views for an unpromoted test drive!)


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2018 ADCN

'Brand Activation & Experience' / Bronze

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2018 SAN

'Smart Idea' / Nomination

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2018 Esprix

'Innovation & Transformation' and 'Durables' / Nomination

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2018 Cannes Lions

PR / Gold Lion and Silver Lion

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2018 Cannes Lions

Direct / Bronze Lion

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2018 WPPed Cream Award

Public Relations consumer marketing / .

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