Munch Nuts Nestlé


Munch Nuts is an unique extension of Munch – made of crunchy wafer which is coated in layers of peanut butter cream and chocolate, topped with crunchy peanuts resulting in a wafer chocolate with an explosive multi-sensorial crunch. Munch Nuts with a multi sensorial crunch lets you discover something new with every bite. The Crunch of Munch Nuts is a multi-sensorial experience - with the hit of chocolate and peanut, the smoothness of peanut butter-cream and delicious milk chocolate, the robust bite of peanuts and a crisp crackling wafer, the sweetness and nuttiness. The TVC captures how the Munch Nuts was made, how every bite is a discovery of sensations, flavours and textures unlike anything you’ve had before – which keeps you thinking how it was made!

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