Make it Rain VODAFONE


Being the dominant segment in Egypt, the low-income consumer will always make purchasing choices based the best value offered. But in an industry where value is the core purpose of every provider, we needed to dig deeper into what matters to them most; money. Given the recent economical challenges affecting everyone's purchasing behavior, we needed to give them the one thing they wanted and in the only language they understood. Using our own's brand-born celebrity, the genie, and through collaborating with the biggest Shaaby music genre, a rising music style started by the mass dominating all segments, we released an original hit to communicate our new promotion and service; Vodafone will make it rain Money. Through a new top-up card, scratch once to recharge and twice to make it rain, we literally translated our message to a promise that took the nation by storm. On every street, food was on us, across every city, entertainment was dominant and in every home and bus top, our genie was there, literally distributing top-up cards and money for free. In 15 days and without our main form of communication, television, our song was being played at every wedding, club, car and home across the region. And with brands riding on our success, we surpassed all communication records reached, not to mention unprecedented business results usually reached in months. With one song, one message and a promise kept, we dominated a nation in record time.


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2018 Dubai Lynx

Branded Content & Entertainment - Use of Original Composition / Silver

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