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19 Crimes is an Australian wine named for the list of crimes that sentenced British convicts to Australia. In homage to our namesake, each bottle contains a cork printed with one of the 19 Crimes. But there is one crime we never printed: Crime number 19. In order to kick off the launch of our elusive 19th cork, we set out to build excitement around corks 1 through 18 by bringing their crimes to life.

19 Crimes pairs well with tattoos. Our fans don’t just express love for our wine; they actively engage with niche subcultures – and express themselves with tattoos. Our nonconformist target audience uses social media, particularly Facebook and Instagram, to express themselves following brands that make them stand out, rather than fit in.

The idea was to deepen fans’ knowledge of the 19 Crimes brand by sharing our story in the context of a topic they are already passionate about: tattoo art. Over a 19-week period, we brought each of the 19 Crimes to life through the original artwork of influential tattoo artist Austin Maples, creating an educational storytelling opportunity through an unexpected yet resonant medium.


We rolled out our series of tattoo designs on Facebook and Instagram over the course of 19 weeks. Each week during our campaign, we focused on one of the 19 Crimes, sharing a tattoo designed by Austin; a historically inspired photograph that placed our wines at the scene of the crime; and video content that took fans behind the scenes and into the tattoo parlor to explore Austin’s interpretation.

#InfamousInk served as a call to action for fans to join the conversation, as they anticipated each release and shared our content across their own networks. Paid media support also allowed us to amplify the reach of the content to capture the interest of new fans, with attitudes and behaviors reflective of our existing followers.


Over a 19-week period, #InfamousInk got fans talking, driving passionate engagement and converting fans into brand ambassadors across social media. Fans responded by sharing photos of their 19 Crimes cork collections, and forming a new community of 19 Crimes collectors and enthusiasts.

- 161% increase in Engagement

- 2,060% Audience Growth

- 235% increase in Total Reach

- 101% YOY sales increase

- 98% customer depletion rate

- Stole share of engagement from core competitors, catapulting 19 Crimes into the

top three of our competitive set during campaign period, despite their larger following and paid media budgets

#InfamousInk surpassed our key business and marketing objectives by a phenomenal margin, while building an authentic community centered around the roguish brand personality and setting a unique platform for the brand to own and hone in a fragmented wine market.


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2018 Reggie Award

Social Media / Bronze

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