Food Exhibitionism Food Exhibitionism


Ahead of Food Exhibitionism, an event celebrating the many ways in which food is a vessel of culture and societal trends, we launched “MENU,” a unique portrait photography passion project centered on food.

In a series of portraits that were used as posters to announce the event, “MENU” focuses on the raw, unprocessed ingredients that make up a dish and brings them together on a face instead of on a plate.
The photography project is a true labor of love, with each grain of rice and coffee bean placed by hand. From start to finish, the project took a year to complete.

In a food event, where food meets creativity and innovation,
Food Exhibitionism celebrates the unity of food and modern culture.


A provocative campaign combining food and portrait photography in an unprecedented way that attracts attention, and gives rise to conversation.

In a series of portraits, the viewer is taken back to the origin of creating a menu.
The food is served on the closest place you can get to a chef's mind: on his face.





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