Female Tribes What it means to be a woman in Ireland today


When the biggest global study on modern women is brought to the Irish market, it deserves to be treated in a way that reflects the importance and cultural significance of the findings. However, it also needs to be communicated in a way that’s uniquely Irish. Because, although Female Tribes is a global study, the research carried out by JWT Folk is uniquely Irish.

It was important that the campaign around the study didn’t feel like typical advertising collateral, because the study is anything but typical. This lead us to Sasha Terfous, a spoken word poet with a fresh voice and a distinct view on the female narrative – the perfect person to articulate the challenges facing women in Ireland today. Our brief to her was simple – bring the findings of the Female Tribes study to life in a memorable and accessible way.

Women in Ireland have never had it better. Or so they say…

Her poem “Warrior Women” immortalised a number of key themes from the data. The opening lines sum it up perfectly; women in Ireland have bought into the idea that it has never been a better time to be a woman. This, unfortunately, is a myth.

Despite the huge progress that has been made in Ireland to drive the female narrative forward, our study shows that there is much still to be achieved. Sasha captured this conflict beautifully, charting the evolution of Irish women from the traditional role of domestic caretaker to one of actively striving for more. Her words were accompanied by a visual narrative, featuring real Irish women shot at locations up and down the country.

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About Sasha

Sasha Terfous is a young writer and poet from Waterford. Her work deals mostly with femininity and the issues facing women in modern Ireland.

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