Thanks for nothing! VODAFONE Enterprise


Micro businesses are extremely passionate and are always in search of new success stories. Although office-less they are progressive and efficient; working with only 2-9 employees. Instead of seeking professional services to support their digital marketing and advertising efforts, micro businesses rely mostly on favors from family and friends. They find it extremely intimidating to approach large entities for support. Yet, a business model built on personal favors is not sustainable.

Vodafone Enterprise chose to capitalize on the business owner’s most agonizing pain-point; short-lived unprofessional favors. In a form of a letter, a thank-you-for-nothing letter, narrated sarcastically from the point of view of micro business owners, the copy takes you through a compilation of various typical unmet personal favors. Highlighting the endless lame excuses friends and family come up with, when they don’t have enough time to work on unpaid pseudo-professional services. Inviting all micro business owners to officially declare their independence from family and friends.

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