Chase The Moment Mazda



The automotive market in Canada was changing. More and more Canadians were opting for mid to full-sized SUVs over the previously dominant compact sedan. This posed a challenge for Mazda, who were known primarily for their Mazda3 compact sedan in Canada. But perhaps the biggest challenge was the lack of awareness that Mazda had an SUV lineup at all. Even with high praise from automotive associations and publications, the CX-Series had yet to gain significant market share in Canada.


Using a bespoke digital strategy, we developed insights and custom audiences for each CX-Series vehicle to deliver content in an impactful way. From 6 second bumpers to one-minute-long short films, we developed a wide range of targeted content that told the stories of three adventurers who use their CX-Series vehicles to pursue their passions. The cinematic nature of the films was also the first effort to align Mazda with its new visual identity and position them as a premium automotive brand.


Our goal was to create awareness for the CX-Series vehicles, and this campaign outperformed our previous benchmarks across every nameplate. The CX-3, CX-5, and CX-9 saw a 17%, 11%, and 15% lift in awareness, respectively. Additionally, the CX-5 saw a 34% lift in ad recall.

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