Click-to-Cash VODAFONE Cash


In a society where cash is king, transactions are primitive, and people are tech-laggards, the banking sector faced difficulty familiarizing the Egyptian population with the basic financial solutions. It came as no surprise that the growth of Vodafone Cash, a money transfer smart solution, remained slow. Hence, Vodafone decided to take an unusual detour; change the rules of the game, using the real game changers: youth. In Egypt, money transfer dynamics portray senders as the elders (given their financial supremacy) and receivers as the youngsters (given their belated self-reliance). Yet, instead of targeting the senders, we shifted the ordinary targeting strategy and targeted the receivers (youth) to eventually reach the senders (elderly). Indeed, we spotted an opportunity in the youth segment. They have moved a population that remained politically silent for over 30 years. They have set trends for elders to follow. They have earned being labelled ‘culture-creators’. Thus, while targeting the elders might seem rational given their financial situation, youth’s instrumental power overruled elders’ financial dominance.
Shifting the targeting strategy required re-positioning the service; talking to youth in their own language. Hence, we re-launched Vodafone Cash by positioning it as a ‘Click-to-Cash’ service. Emphasizing on the word ‘Click’ was essential given that no segment values the power of the click as much as youth. Additionally, highlighting the word ‘Cash’ was necessary given our cash-oriented society.
We created a fast and smart copy portraying a fast and smart service tailored to serve a fast and smart audience. Using three words only we highlighted the pillars of Vodafone Cash; Cash in, Transfer, Cash out. We emphasized on the simplicity of the service, by implicitly shouting; your cash is one click away. Additionally, physical money was used as a creative expression to bridge the gap between the satisfaction of holding cash and the immediacy of cash transactions. Certainly, highlighting the latter was necessary given our cash-centric society. Furthermore, we showcased unorthodox people using the service in unconventional places, emphasizing on people’s ability to transfer money wherever, whenever and to whomever. All in all, we targeted a fast audience through a fast copy for a faster financial inclusion.

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