Born and Bread Brennans


No matter how busy or complicated life can get, sometimes you just need to keep it simple and fresh. For Brennans latest campaign, we wanted to remind Irish consumers of the simple pleasures Brennans family pan can bring. The new campaign showcases the iconic and dependable nature of Brennans bread as it is seen to play a part in key moments for Irish households.

To kick off the campaign, we took an Irish cultural truth; that one of the best slices of toast you’ll ever have is in the delivery room after the birth of your child. In the fast-paced story, Old Mr Brennan’s friend tells us about a pair of new parents who overcome a few obstacles to keep it simple and fresh.

There will be more to follow from the campaign in the months ahead. The campaign extends heavily beyond TV, with multiple touch-points including social, digital, outdoor, cinema, radio, VOD, and in-store.

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