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The New Zealand general election is traditionally a dry affair, and a discussion point reserved only for those who are already tuned-in politically. A notable trend during the 2017 election was that only 65% of people aged 18-24 were enrolled to vote (the lowest of any demographic, and very low in comparison to the New Zealand average). And at the previous election, 125,000 of those 18-24 year olds who were even enrolled to vote, opted out at the last minute. By contrast, 97% of New Zealanders over the age of 55 are enrolled to vote.

Based on this brief, J. Walter Thompson New Zealand, alongside Heyday, developed Battle to the Beehive, a gaming platform designed to help drive more engagement with the election among the nation’s younger voters.

By conveying political battles in gaming lingo, Battle to the Beehive helps remove the stigma around political education. It help users better understand the electoral process, the parties, and the politicians who fight against “policy monsters” – policies including transportation, global warming, housing, the economy and education.

JWT and Heyday worked together to create the entire gaming experience in-house, and partnered with VICE, the media choice of young people and a perfect champion of youth engagement, to launch Battle to the Beehive via online, social media, PR and direct marketing.


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2017 AWARD Awards

Best use of mobile and other digital media / Bronze

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2017 AWARD Awards

Best use of mobile and other digital media in a promotional campaign / Bronza

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