Autograph Lottomatica 10eLotto


10eLotto is a special lottery game with a draw every 5 minutes, offering players plenty of chances to play their numbers and win. Our client asked us to introduce a new endorser who was to make an impact and be fun and close to the people as the brand is, thus appealing to a target looking for easiness, light-heartedness, entertainment and winning chances in a game. We chose Francesco Totti, a player who has demonstrated a lot of winning intuition, a top footballer that embodies number 10 to everyone, an icon able to win the favour of supporters of different teams thanks to his on-pitch and personal qualities, someone that has remained down-to-earth despite his huge popularity. The campaign format features the famous footballer taking on much different roles: first a pilot, then a dentist, a secret agent, a magician and finally a chairman. Many roles and many opportunities to play your numbers: this concept was dressed up with the natural humorous side of Mr Totti, who is always able to make people smile thanks to his pretended naivety. Inspired by his imagination and passions, in the adverts Mr Totti proves he has “the right numbers” to do what he wants and he is able to seize them. This is the last in a series of six different subjects aired between 2014 and 2017 with an integrated media campaign featuring TV, web, print and radio ads. The new format/endorser has significantly increased the game total awareness (+10 points) and the related recall (+22 points). In addition, the business reported a 10% increase in revenues and a 60% over-performance with reference to the campaign targets.

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