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Abla Fahita is an online public figure on Egyptian social media, who has become an internet ‘millionaire'. Her puppet character was featured last year in publications around the world after a surreal accusation of being a terrorist.

A puppet made for advertising, Abla is an alternative, self indulgent widow, who has a daughter Caro and baby, Boudi. Part diva with a rather ‘awkward’ sense of humor, part controversial, Abla has gained a lot of attention and along the way amassed millions of online fans, appearing on top tier programs both in Egypt and abroad - from Bassem Youssef to the BBC and in ads for brands.

In March 2015, The Drum described Abla as the “the top billed celebrity in the Arabic programme … without doubt” at the Dubai Lynx Festival of Creativity.

In April, she launched her own TV show “The Duplex” on CBC in Egypt. After only 5 programmes she was #1 on CBC’s channel ratings, and currently #4 in Egypt’s nationwide TV ratings, and has completed an unprecedented transformation - from advertising all the way to business equity!

Not only this but, Abla Fahita recently became a music star with the release of the hit track “Mayestahloushy", which was created by JWT Cairo with Basement records and in collaboration with music producer, Hassan El Shafei.

In less than 10 months it has achieved 11+ Million views.


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