Account Manager
в Wunderman Thompson Tokyo

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Position:In charge of domestic/foreign projects of major clients in Japan and of foreign-oriented companies

<Job Description>

As a counterpart of our clients, provide our services in cooperation with the existing team members (strategic/planning and creative teams).

Cooperate with the Account Director and lead the team while providing necessary information to the team members such as Account Executive and Account Supervisor. Manage accounts while reporting to the manager as necessary.

Manage budgets, schedules and costs of assigned projects.


More than 10 years of sales and a position of producer in the advertising or digital agencies.

Experience of activation for digital, advertisement (TV/print) and outside the ads.

Knowledge and experience of digital communication are MUST. Experience in creating website and its operation is preferred.


Strong communication ability among our clients, team members and the external stakeholders.

Understand issues of the brands and be capable of managing and executing a process of developing possible ideas for solution.

Japanese: Business level

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