Christmas 2016 – “At Christmas, it’s love that brings us together” VODAFONE

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This film is a story that concerns everyone. A moving story about modern day love, which proves that it doesn’t choose ages.

When we talk about technology, we immediately associate it with the young, but the trend is changing. Gadgets, smartphones, the Internet and social networks are increasingly present in the lives of older people who, through them, can maintain a youthful spirit and offset the effects of ageing, as well as having access to information and topics of interest, increased brain activity, proximity to friends and family, etc.

This moment in communications has once again shown Vodafone to be attentive to contemporary social issues, tackling these themes as a way to value and inspire the lives of all. A film that again centers around families and their new formats, and that demonstrates the importance of communications and of being connected. 


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