Vision Taiwan Workforce Development Agency (WDA)


The Taiwan Workforce Development Agency (WDA) is a government agency which provides career development services to the general public. WDA services range from job listings, career consultation, vocational training to start-up business consultation.

In Taiwan, the unemployment rate of people under age 30 is significantly high (63.6%). It is common that college graduates take jobs which don’t necessarily interest them.

What we wanted to achieve through this film, was to promote WDA’s training programs and to encourage people who have dreams to take advantage of this service and develop a skillset that will benefit them in the long run.

In this film, we created a metaphor of a train, visualizing WDA (Taiwan Workforce Development Agency) as a train full of power and energy heading to different destinations and guiding people in need to a future of their choice.

Medical doctor, is a dream job to many Taiwanese families. The young man in the film is a medical school student with a promising future. At the bottom of his heart, however, what he really wants to do is to become an animation artist. The grandmother understands where her grandson’s passion lays, so regardless of the fortune her grandson would make as a medical doctor, she encourages him to pursue his dream.

The young man makes up his mind and attends a 3D animation training program sponsored by WDA.

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