The Legend of Red Hand Davide Campari Campari


The short movie “The Legend of Red Hand”, starring globally-renowned actress Zoe Saldana, Italian actor Adriano Giannini and directed by Italian director Stefano Sollima, is a thrilling mystery story that takes viewers around the world in the pursuit of the perfect Campari cocktail.

Opening in dusk under the iconic Duomo Cathedral in Milano Campari’s founding city, we meet Mia Parc, the charismatic photographer, whose name is the perfect anagram of Campari, played by Zoe Saldana. Director, Stefano Sollima skillfully brings his expertise in the thriller genre to create a tense and enthralling atmosphere that follows Mia in her quest, uncovering a secret mission to discover the mysterious figure of Red Hand, the craftsman of the best Campari cocktails ever. 

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