Talk & Drive VODAFONE


Human challenge
Talking and Texting while driving has become the newest fatal attraction of distracted drivers. In the past few years, statistics show that cell phone usage while driving dramatically leads to serious injuries and deaths. This dangerous phenomenon is asking for a solution. With the new addictive culture of smartphones and social media, Vodafone Greece decided to take action in order to raise awareness and help lower the amount of crashes related to driving while Talking & Texting.

Pioneering Solution
Vodafone created a campaign that captures the attention of the drivers at risk, and attempts to positively influence them to put down the phone while behind the wheel. 

For all mobile customers.

The message of this advertisement is that distracted drivers are dangerous, conveying a deeper message which is meant to shock: A driver is responsible for a premeditated accident, just as he/she would be for a premeditated murder. The message is loud and clear, and the ad is disruptive and bold.

The campaign effectively delivers the key message and scores very good in social media, reaching millions of Facebook impressions and views.

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