Sing it Out Canesten


Young women were often too embarrassed to tell the others about their condition of Yeast Infection. As the most trust-worthy brand of Yeast infection cure, Canesten always want them to speak up to pharmacist so that they can have proper treatment on time. Therefore, if it is too difficult to speak up, relax! How about singing it out?

10 years ago, the canton pop song “Nobody” wins the heart of every teenager. The lyrics really fit into their situation and it becomes a classic love song that everyone sings it in Karaoke. Now, we find professional singer and production team to make a new version of this song, with the new name “No itchy”. We also work in hands with famous lyricist to re-compose the lyrics in order to tell the words from the bottom of their heart that is too embarrassed to speak up — “I am suffering from Yeast infection”.

Then we launch the campaign exactly like what we do to promote a new record. We make the Music video to spread online, the song is available in iTunes, and other music app. Moreover, there are CDs in record store. And of course, you can sing it in every Karaoke box.


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2016 HK4As Kam Fan Awards

Film / Bronze

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