Periods are not a luxury. Period. Period Equity


in 2017, 36 of the U.S. states still collect sales tax on tampons and pads. By failing to classify menstrual products as a necessity, and denying them an exemption from sales tax, these states have effectively deemed periods a luxury.

To shed light on this unfair and discriminatory practice, we partnered with Period Equity – a national law and policy organization dedicated to advancing menstrual access, affordability and safety – to launche a tongue-in-cheek campaign that lampoons the tax by featuring diamond-encrusted jewellery pieces that are actually tampon holders.

It launches at Amber Rose’s OPENed Women’s Conference and annual SlutWalk in Los Angeles.

The PSA, directed by Melanie Bridge, features 3 stunningly bejeweled tampon holder necklaces exclusively designed by high-end jewelers in satirical luxury. The designers include; Ilaria Lanzoni, head designer of Hearts on Fire, celebrity jeweler Jade Trau and Kevin Grey, a multi-award winning silversmith.

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