Listen to your lungs Marie Keating Foundation


In November 2017 we created the country’s first ever coughing billboard for the Marie Keating Foundation. Our brief was to raise awareness about the lesser known symptoms of lung cancer – specifically, a persistent cough. By recognising the symptoms of the disease and with early detection, it can save lives.

Our specially-built outdoor piece included an audio instalment that grabbed the attention of passers-by with a coughing sound.

The billboard appeared to show a seemingly innocent statement, however, when people looked closely at the typography, the letters revealed the message: ‘I had cancer’. The coughing billboard was part of a wider campaign, ‘Listen to Your Lungs’, which coincided with Lung Cancer awareness month in November. Through the use of outdoor, radio, an online video and display we highlighted that a seemingly normal but persistent cough could be hiding something more serious and encouraged people to get checked by their GP.

With just one billboard on Dublin’s Macken Street, Listen to your lungs managed to create a national campaign, creating over 5.6 million media impressions.

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