Embracing Change Irish Life


While we all want to feel more secure and in control of our lives, we are faced with constant, often unpredictable change, which we can’t control. Recent research shows that we are living through an age of unprecedented change which the majority of Irish people struggle with.

The new Irish Life ‘Embracing Change’ campaign is based on the truth that our ability to deal with change is what ultimately makes it a positive or negative experience. Through a series of light-hearted scenarios, we play on the reality, but also the futility of catastrophising about future life changes, while highlighting a clear role for the brand. With over 80 years of experience, Irish Life and its breadth of product offerings, from Health and Life Insurance to Pensions and Investments, is best placed to help people in Ireland prepare for and navigate these life changes.

This is the first in a series of executions to be rolled out in the coming months to showcase key propositions across the Irish Life business.

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