Hydro Robot Razor Schick


This Energizer Schick work features an epic battle between the New Schick Hydro and the old guard of shaving – the lube strip razor. An everyday bathroom sink serves as the arena for the two razors to battle for the right to shave all of mankind. Both razors spring to life to form amazingly intricate robots, complete with razor blade heads. The old razor and its lube strip looks haggard, like a metal relic from a bygone steampunk era. The New Schick Hydro emerges gleaming and futuristic, an almost humanoid razor-bot ten generations ahead of the current technology. With a mixture of heart-pounding realism, slow-motion film and multiple camera angles the battle ensues.

From the start it’s clear that it will be a one-sided contest, as the Schick Hydro artfully uses it’s hydrating gel reservoir to cause the lube strip’s demise. The action, imagination and attention to detail rival any CGI robots created for the big screen. The film served as the launch for the Schick Hydrobot to become the face of the new campaign and made its debut during Super Bowl 50.

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