#Duerme1HoraMás Asisa


The Spaniards are the Europeans who spend more hours at work and more time dedicated to their leisure. That makes us sleep less than 6 hours a day, when doctors recommend sleeping between 7 and 9 hours each night, to avoid problems such as hypertension, overweight, heart disease, etc.

Knowing this, we faced a challenge: make Asisa the first brand to address this problem by giving a unique and clear health advice, continuing with its strategy of Publitherapy (investing all its resources in caring for people).

Starting from this pioneering idea, we used the language with which television sent our target to bed when they were children: music. Thus we created a video clip from which a 360º campaign with spots, radio wedges, online videos, presses, exteriors and online pieces emerged. And through the hashtag #Sleep1MoreHour, we started a conversation in social networks that lasted for 6 months.

With this campaign, Asisa achieved the best commercial results in its history, and for the first time was a leader in differentiation and preference, investing in media a third of the budget employed by its main competitors.


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INESE 2017

Mejor campaña integrada

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LAUS 2017

Audiovisual / Plata

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