Breastfeeding Mannequin Amigos de la lactancia y coalición de marcas


In Colombia, breastfeeding in public is still very taboo. Hundreds of moms breastfeeding in shopping malls have been verbally attacked and driven to hide in restrooms to feed their children.

Amigos de la lactancia, a movement created in partnership with renowned women’s fashion stores and health care brands, decided to help moms feel safer, but more importantly, to change the policy of shopping malls. 

Through this partnership, we created a direct PR initiative that would attract attention to this issue, replacing one of each store’s mannequins for a new type of statement-making mannequin: a breastfeeding mannequin. Thousands of stores in shopping malls across Colombia replaced one of each store’s mannequins with the breastfeeding mannequin, and placed a sign next to it demanding that shopping malls change their policies on breastfeeding.

Local malls, visitors and media took notice. Within the first two weeks, 10 malls had changed their policies towards breastfeeding and declared themselves as spaces 100% friendly to breastfeeding moms.


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2017 D&AD Impact Awards

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