Banking on Talent Alex Bank


We aimed to portray those craftsmen and expose them to the outside world in a relevant manner. Inspired by the importance of the craftsmen’s hands; we decided to showcase their beautiful crafts from their perspective through a music video that would resonate with the masses. The video was shot with a micro-lense to show intricate details of the craftsmen’s hands while they create their masterpieces, only to reveal them at the end. To demonstrate the fusion between the local talents and the outside world, we chose 2 of the reputable artists with a huge fan base, Adweya, a local artist who touch the hearts of the Egyptians through his voice along with Zap, a modern rapper who writes his own lyrics. Both are inspirational & are able to shed light on those talents & bring the outside world into theirs. The song highlighted how they spent their lives creating those treasures, how each line of their palms tells a different story & how they can make an impact with their palmson people through their crafts. It all ends with a call to action to go to the IHS.


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2018 MENA Effies

Brand Experience / Silver

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