Anonymous Friend Alcoholics Anonymous


To mark the 70th anniversary of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) in Brazil, we partnered with Facebook to create a unique online service.

With teen drinking on the rise, we wanted to create a modern way for the longstanding organization to broaden its services to the public, especially young adults.

In partnership with Facebook, we created Anonymous Friend, the first-ever Facebook chatbot that helps people with alcoholism.

In the course of three months, over 34 hours of testimonials from real AA members were collected and turned into data to power the bot’s AI, allowing it to deliver sensitive and personalized responses to the user.

Anonymous Friend is designed to learn from user interactions, so the more that people use it – telling their stories and sharing how they deal with alcoholism – the more precise and relevant are the responses it provides.

In addition to conversing with users, Anonymous Friend can connect users with local support groups.

Within the first week, more than 100,000 people, 60% of them teenagers, had chatted with Anonymous Friend, and daily requests for help to AA’s email increased by 1300%.


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