01 авг., 2018

Summer 2018 Intern Spotlight: JWT Beirut’s Sandra Dahouk

Sandra Dahouk Jwt Beirut Intern Photo

We asked Sandra Dahouk, an Account Management Intern at JWT Beirut, to tell us about her interest in the advertising industry and what she hopes to learn from her internship.

What sparked your interest in the advertising industry?

The advertising industry is full of challenges, which is what drew me to it. Finding a balance in the cocktail of communication and creativity is what makes the industry so interesting. I genuinely love the process of trying to figure out how and who to target certain demographics in order to appropriately appeal to a specific market. This is something I hope to master throughout my time at J. Walter Thompson.

What made you want to intern at JWT?

JWT is one of the leading ad agencies in the industry. I wanted to be part of a team that really cared about their purpose in the industry. After I saw a presentation from JWT Beirut while I was at university, I was intrigued by the level of innovation that was happening at the agency. JWT’s reputation in our region is really strong, and discovering that the agency was actually at the forefront of all the industry’s changes for over a century and a half was highly inspiring. Ever since then, it’s been my dream to be on board with the JWT team.

What’s your favorite JWT campaign, and why is it your favorite?

If I had to pick one favorite campaign, it would be the Em Khalil campaign done by the Beirut office for Bou Khalil (“Father of Khalil”). I find Em Khalil, which means “Mother of Khalil,” to be one of the most challenging and unexpected campaigns I’ve seen, as women in Lebanon don’t have much of a voice. Even the brand Bou Khalil has male-domination in its name. The campaign created a counter brand supporting Lebanese women with a number of different cases, changing the Bou Khalil sign on Women’s Equality Day to read “Em Khalil.”

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What are you most looking forward to during the remainder of your internship and what have you learned thus far?

Throughout my time on the Account Management team, I’ve been a part of a few projects and have started to get a grip on how the work process flows in the office. I’ve learned that research can never be too detailed, extensive or deep – any piece of information is truly valuable. My directors have already included me in brainstorming sessions for some campaigns, allowing me to grasp how diverse and different points of view can be when it comes to campaign ideas due to differing objectives and targets. They have also given me pointers on how to present in front of an audience, which is something I hope to master by the end of my internship. I also hope to learn the art of selling ideas, and how best to approach a project or campaign and come up with creative and effective ideas to reach specific targets. I know one thing for sure: I’m going to try to absorb as much as possible from the diverse, imaginative and innovative minds here.

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