27 янв., 2017

Meet Marco Versolato, JWT Singapore's CCO


Over his 20+ year career, Marco Versolato, who holds the dual role of CCO of JWT Singapore and Global ECD for Lux, has created work that has earned him more than 30 Lions from the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity and he has also received awards at industry festivals like Clio, El Sol and The One Show. 

This year, Marco is one of the 17 creatives from across Asia joining The One Show’s judging panel. We caught up with Marco, juror for the Print and Outdoor Category, to discuss The One Show, the creative climate and his hometown in Brazil.

Your creative work has been recognized at the One Show. How does it feel to now be a juror who gets to decide what work is recognized?

It’s quite an honor! It is very exciting to take part in this amazing festival. Every time I participate on a jury, I always remind myself how important it is. Deep within each idea, there is a lot effort, expectation and merit. We know how hard it is to make ideas happen, so I keep that in mind as I review the work.

And it’s the One Show! It has grown so much but has not lost its prestige and uniqueness. I have judged many awards abroad and this one will be one of the highlights of my career, for sure. 

What makes for great, award-winning work?

It should be fresh and crafted. This is the secret.

Sometimes I see great ideas without a clear purpose but it should be simple, straight forward. When we see work that has too much to be explained, the idea gets lost.

What advice would you give to creatives who are entering their work for the first time?

For me, all creative ideas could be sorted into two different categories. First, the ones that revisit successful campaigns and find different ways to express classic formats. Somehow similar in form, in tone, or in mechanism. The second category consists of ideas that pioneer, that open up a new path into something never seen. 

One Show definitely rewards that second category of ideas, so creatives should submit the work that really feels innovative, like something new.

Though you now live in Singapore, you are originally from Brazil. What similarities or differences do you see between the industry/creative work in both markets?

Certainly some ideas and creative work are global and work well everywhere. Brazil and Singapore are centers for amazing advertising work. Here in Singapore, the multicultural diversity among our team, among our clients and products has taught me a lot. It has put me in touch with so many different markets like India, Indonesia, China which all have so many different. Here, when we create big campaigns, we create for an audience of billions of people whereas in the US and Latin America, we create big campaigns for millions. It is a great responsibility.

We’re sure you miss Brazil. If there’s one thing you could teleport from Brazil to Singapore, what would it be?

Of course, I miss family and friends, but I would for sure bring my carpentry shop and my role as a drummer in a rock band Black Bus where I took part for the last 16 years among my fellow best friends.

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