27 июля, 2018

My Ad Journey: Aaron Padin

Aaron Padin

We sat down with Aaron Padin, Head of Art & Design, to discuss his journey in the advertising industry.

What inspired you to get into advertising?

I grew up in a creative household. We were always creating projects and making things at a young age. I was very into art and making things, so, creativity was a way of expressing ourselves.

What was your first gig in advertising?

My first gig right out of college wasn’t in advertising. I worked for a pre-press company for many years where we would work and take on ad agencies as clients. I had a design background and loved to be creative. My collaboration with these clients led to an opportunity to work for Fallon/Duffy New York, an advertising firm at the time. I helped them bridge the gap between advertising and design. I understood both worlds. I would take every opportunity to grow my career and meet inspirational people.

Looking back on your first year in the advertising industry, what advice now would you give your younger self?

Get started and don’t look back. I knew what I wanted to do after spending my early career in printing and pre-press. I knew I needed to make and produce work of my own. I would tell myself to understand that you’re not simply taking a job, you’re building a career.

What continues to drive you to develop creative work?

Never be satisfied. Continue to create your own work that stands out. If that’s the “now” trend, what’s the next? I am driven to look towards the future to help brands and people grow.

What campaign has made the biggest impact on your career?

One campaign I worked on that has made the biggest impact on my career was the 201- Human Rights Watch “Burma” campaign. The campaign was massively successful in the awards show. As well, the “Cardboard Apartment” and “After the Parade” campaigns for Services for the UnderServed were extremely influential and powerful.

What qualities do you have as a leader in the creative department?

As a leader in the creative department, mentorship has been a key value I support. I want to lead the young talents to do meaningful work, to be motivated, talented and passionate.

As Head of Art & Design, what is your best advice for young talents to be successful the advertising industry?

Look forward, be observant, ask questions and stay curious. I tell all young talents to take on the projects that people don’t want to do. You can showcase your creativity, inspiration and ideas to transform a project into your own. Take a project and bring it to a level that people don’t expect. You can do what they want, but also do what you want with a project.

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