06 июля, 2018

JWT Casablanca's Hazem Kaddour and Mo Oudaha Discuss Their Team’s History-Making Cannes Lions Performance

J. Walter Thompson Casablanca made history at Cannes Lions with its “Break the Speed” campaign for Kit Kat by becoming the first agency from Morocco to ever win a Lion. The campaign earned a total of three Lions: one Gold, one Silver and one Bronze. Following this success, we asked Hazem Kaddour, Managing Director at the Casablanca office, and Mo Oudaha, Creative Director, to tell us more about their winning campaign.

What was the team’s vision behind the “Break the Speed” campaign?

Hazem and Mo: Our world is non-stop. It is fast, and it is busy. Kit Kat’s global tagline is, “Have a Break,” and our goal was to create a campaign around their tagline and our speedy lives. When we looked at expressing this idea using a visual technique that would resonate in the market, we wanted to create an impression of both speed/non-stop movement and a serene break within that continuous motion.

Can you explain what it meant to you to become the first-ever agency from Morocco to win a Lion?

Hazem and Mo: It's an amazing feeling, for the country, client, agency and everyone involved. Not only does it mean that we put Morocco on the creative map, but we did it in a big way. Our hope is to use the Gold, Silver and Bronze Lions as an inspiration and trigger for greater creativity in the Moroccan advertising scene, opening up a new era of competition based on the power of ideas. We really hope that the first ever Moroccan agency to win a Grand Prix at Cannes will be coming very soon.

Besides “Break the Speed,” what Cannes-winning work most stood out to you? Why?

Hazem and Mo: Libresse’s “Blood Normal,” which worked to destigmatize menstruation, stood out to me the most at this year’s Cannes Lions festival. Today, there's a growing movement that highlights discussions around this issue occurring around the world and contributes toward a better understanding both of what's going on and how we can try to change it. As for the work itself, it is beautiful, simple and so powerful.

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