18 мая, 2017

JWT Bangkok's Punn and PingPing are Headed to Cannes's Young Lions Competition

Punn And Ping Ping

Annop Khunwong, also known as Punn, and Thamonwan Rojanawanichkit, also known as PingPing, are an Art Director and Copy Partner, respectively, at JWT Bangkok. This year, they’ll be heading to Cannes to represent Thailand in the Young Lions competition.

We sat down to talk to the duo about how they qualified for the Young Lions competition, their Millennial perspective on the ad industry, and what it means that they’ll be going to Cannes. 

Tell us about your winning idea.  What was the brief?

The brief came from Samsung and we were asked to come up with something for their product, the Note, that could change society and empower the next generation. We both felt that textbooks used in Thai schools make lessons boring due to their old school format with heavy text and outdated graphics. We saw an opportunity for us to transform the way young people learn. Our idea was called “The Quirkiest Textbook,” a textbook app on the Samsung Galaxy Note where people could doodle or write multiple notes on top of the textbook pages. The students’ doodles could then be submitted to a database for application and any approved doodles would be made available to other students using the app. The app would allow students to liven up and personalize their notes in a way that could help them better understand and retain their lessons. It would also give young people the opportunity to contribute their ideas and reshape how others are educated.

Tell us about yourselves.

PingPing: I received my bachelor degree in Advertising at Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Before joining JWT, I worked as a Copywriter at Hakuhodo Bangkok. I then joined J-Connect, which in 2014 was a digital agency part of JWT Bangkok, and after six months I shifted to the main creative agency.

Punn: I graduated from Silpakorn University with a major in Decorative Arts. My first job out of college was at Leo Burnett Thailand where I worked as an Art Director. After that, I moved to Adapter Digital Agency. In February of 2015, I joined JWT as an Art Director.

How did it feel to qualify for the Young Lions competition?

PingPing: It felt great!  At first I couldn’t believe we actually won. After a few hours passed the feelings started to set in. When we got back to the office everyone was congratulating us and it felt like, “Whoa, this is really a big deal for everyone, and we made them happy too!” My family now understands more about what I’ve been working so hard for…I hope!!

Punn: It felt wonderful! I was very honored that our team had been selected to represent the country!

What do you think are the most important changes taking place in our industry that will affect what you do over the next three years?

PingPing: Due to how quickly technology is changing, I feel like we won’t be thinking about what content to create, but more about what we can invent for consumers’ daily lives. Over the past few years, we have seen so many great inventions created by brands and agencies. I think over the next three years we will see how brand communication, creativity, and innovation blend together and become a part of people’s lives.

Punn: I don’t see any drastic changes happening in the next three years as the world continues to both change and progress. I think that the most important thing to watch is the consumer behavior. It’s how consumers behave – not technology – that driver in what we do as creative agencies.

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