19 июля, 2018

JWT Atlanta’s Jennifer Lewow Breaks Down Her 3 Favorite Projects

Jennifer Lewow 2018

Jennifer Lewow, Design Director at J. Walter Thompson Atlanta, is a creative problem solver with a knack for visual storytelling and a passion for developing simple and beautiful brand experiences. Here, Jenn shares three of her favorite projects that she’s worked on over the years with us.

Pennzoil Films Presents The Last Viper

Working on designs for the fully integrated and award-winning Pennzoil Films is as exhilarating as the films themselves. I’ve been fortunate enough to design everything from title sequences, posters, hats and landing pages for the campaigns. One of my favorites was the work for The Last Viper, which Pennzoil designed as a send-off for the last great American sports car. The Last Viper is intense, beautiful and aggressive, mimicking the car’s raw performance. The posters, swag and web designs for this film were inspired by high-octane action-driving films.

United States Marine Corps Brand Book and Guidelines

With the launch of a new website and the new “Battles Won” and “Battle Up” campaigns, the Marines were also ready for a brand guide update. There was no need to completely overhaul the brand, but instead, we were able to elevate the voice and tone of the new campaign with a streamlined look and feel. Along with visuals, the brand book also told more of the Marines’ story and gave background of their history. The colors we used referred back to the Marine uniform and the font was updated to allow for more style choices within one family, rather than having to select between different fonts. These subtle but significant changes were very helpful when overhauling the website and beginning to redesign experiences such as the event management portal and future apps.


Lullaride was such a fun and simple app to design. The team had the wonderful insight that many babies fall asleep with a nice smooth car ride. But that peaceful, hard-to-achieve slumber can easily be interrupted by stops, bumps and honking horns along the way. Silver Cross Lullaride provides the smoothest drive for the length of time your baby needs to fall asleep. The app also provides extremely useful features for your baby’s comfort such as:

  • All directions are whispered, and can be muted
  • Map is displayed with dark screens to avoid bright lights in the car
  • You can choose to play soothing background white noise with the directions
  • You can add time if needed, or just hit “Go Home” if your baby falls asleep before the end
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