03 авг., 2017

"Dear Adriana..."

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In partnership with Advertising Age, P&M Magazine presented their third annual Women to Watch Colombia event. The event recognized ten outstanding women who are leading, innovating, inspiring and shaping the industry.

Among the ten women honored this year was Adriana Pineda, JWT Colombia’s Vice President of Planning. Adriana has more than fifteen years of experience in the advertising industry and has led many successful local, public and government communications projects. 

We asked the Women to Watch winner to reflect on her past experiences, both work and personal, and write a letter of advice to her younger self.

Hello Adriana,

Congratulations! You chose social communications as a career.

Sometimes, people will question you about that career choice. And you will even question yourself during those long nights of studying, writing, shooting and editing. But despite all of that questioning and hard work, don’t give up. You have chosen the right career path and your love for what you do will increase more and more over time. 

Even though you’ll start your career dreaming of being a journalist, you will end up falling in love with advertising. Try not to fight it; advertising will be amazing. Besides the rush of deadlines, the clients, the ideas, the trips, the fun and all the learning, it will become an industry that will raise its voice for female empowerment, diversity, inclusiveness, and gender stereotypes. Great isn’t it?

You will have a daughter and that will be the happiest moment in your life. Your daughter will represent, for you, real love as well as your biggest challenge. With her you will understand what the real priorities are in life.

Being the mother of a girl will give you the opportunity to view how you have approached your own dreams. You will discover, by that time, that you will have enough experience to share with her, while she continues to create her own path. Your main role will be to support her in every possible way and to allow her to dream whatever she wants, no matter what.  

In 2017, you will be surprised with a very nice recognition: being named Woman to Watch in Colombia. It will make you feel very happy, but in the beginning you will not fully understand what that honor means for your life. 

You will suspect that it means much more than just a recognition for your career in advertising. It will become a commitment. You will face this challenge and act on it to make that commitment real. Enjoy it. It is a call from the universe.

All my love,


More images from the Women to Watch Colombia event below.

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