23 мая, 2018

Cannes Contenders 2018: Week 4

Be Funky Collage

This week, our Cannes Contenders are acknowledging generational differences, shifting gender-roles and changing the conversation.

Here are six pieces from our offices in Delhi, San Juan, London, Milan, Bangkok and Taipei.

Experienced Voices

As people age, they may feel like their voices aren’t being heard. Society starts to overlook the older generation, with the mindset that they may not have a relevant perspective on many issues. Triple-S Advantage decided to help this demographic be heard by creating the first Puerto Rican reality...


The Hero Dad

The Hero Dad; a loving husband and dad who also does all the housework all by himself. A curious and almost incredible character. Indeed, reality is quite different; in 2017 women still do the majority of the housework. With this gender-stereotype-switch, Indesit launches its new integrated...


The Humanity Test

A reCAPTCHA that didn’t just test if you’re human, it tested your humanity.Every day, 39,000 girls are being forced into child marriages.  Humanity is failing these girls. This includes every one of us who turn a blind-eye and treats the issue like it is someone else’s problem.That’s where The...


The Brother Who Never Grows Up

E-Life Home Appliance Mall wants to be a brand that explores family relationships, and encourages the people to embrace and to cherish the family relationship. Because when people feel the gratitude for their families, they will more likely to purchase some home appliances for their family as an...


Hair Talk

Like thousands of girls in Thailand and across the world, Rock was born in a man’s body. Sunsilk tells her life story from the point of view of her hair. Every inch of hair is an important milestone on her journey to womanhood. The longer it gets, the more feminine she is. The film was starred and...


The Message In A Bottle & The Sound Of Water

Himalayan Sparkling, India’s first premium mineral sparkling water, introduced a unique packaging innovation for its limited-edition ‘sound cap’ bottles, that are designed to play the sound of the wind from the upper reaches of the Himalayas when you twist open the cap of the bottle. Bottled in a...

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