07 июня, 2017

Cannes Contenders 2017: Week 5

Cannes Contender Hero Week 5

In our penultimate batch of 2017 Cannes Contenders, we have some brilliant work from London, Canada, Jordan, Brazil, Puerto Rico, and Sydney.
This week’s pieces come together beautifully as an answer to one question: What can we create or innovate to make the world a warmer, safer, more creative, and more informed place?
With the festival kicking off next week, please remember to support the teams that have created all of our Contenders by sharing your favorite campaigns on social media with the hashtag #JWTCannes.

Ash To Art

In May 2014, fire ravaged one of the most important landmarks of 20th-century architecture: the Glasgow School of Art, architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s masterpiece. Seeing a new start in the ashes of the devastation, we worked with the school to send each of 25 world-famous artists a piece of...


Winter Swear Jar

Canadians are frustrated by the long, freezing winters they’re forced to endure each and every year.For Hotels.com, we found a way to turn the obscenities hurled by the disgruntled at Canada’s frigid temperatures into something a bit more productive. Introducing the Winter Swear Jar. For every...


Anonymous Friend

To mark the 70th anniversary of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) in Brazil, we partnered with Facebook to create a unique online service. With teen drinking on the rise, we wanted to create a modern way for the longstanding organization to broaden its services to the public, especially young adults. In...


Lifesaving Captcha

How do you arm people with crucial first-aid tips, in today’s world of totally skippable content? Leveraging the un-skippable online tool Captcha – where you need to retype what’s in front of you in order to continue – with Jordan Red Crescent, we created the Life Saving Captcha. By designing...


The Gersey

Elite athletes always know when it’s the ideal time to hydrate. They have coaches, assistants, consultants, doctors, and special equipment that reminds them to do so. But what about young developing athletes? They don’t have the means and resources the pros have. These young athletes are the core of...


The Chrissy Bra

This year, thousands of Australian women will die from treatable breast cancer, simply because they were diagnosed too late. In 2014, our “I Touch Myself Project” remade Chrissy Amphlett’s 1991 hit song into a breast cancer anthem that could inspire women to self-examine. In October 2016, Breast...

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